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Dedicated to helping the elderly and terminally ill with their pets when they can no longer manage alone.

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Our Story

The Mutts Nutts Rescue started life in 2010 as three friends wanting to make a difference in Rescue – We initially contributed by helping other Rescues with funding, building facilities, fostering animals, dog walking and running events – it was a steep learning curve! By 2012 we had worked up a head of steam and in 2013 we became a registered Charity focussed on helping those animals who fared least well in mainstream Rescue, mainly those who found themselves without a home later in their lives. It became increasingly clear that we were not just rescuing dogs but their owners too who needed help and support. In 2017 we registered as a people/pet rescue charity dedicated to helping elderly and poorly members of our local community with their dogs and cats.

Since 2017 we have developed HOME, our charity’s four-part comprehensive service, designed to help this vulnerable sector of our community keep their furry friends by their side for as long as possible.

We are proud of our achievements to date. We are keen to make the distinction that we help people as much as we help animals – a rare combination that distinguishes us in the general world of animal rescue.. We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves, hence our name, The Mutts Nutts Rescue. It reminds us to be playful when we can be, in spite of the challenges. We’re a compassionate, friendly bunch, always ready to welcome like-minded, pet loving volunteers.

The Core Team:

the Nutts and Bolts

The Trustees:

the Barebones of the Charity

Our Founders:

The Chums

The Mutts Nutts

Our Charity Objectives

The Mutts Nutts Rescue is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission. Its official objectives are:

For the benefit of the public to relieve the suffering of domestic companion animals in need of care and attention in particular but not exclusively by:

(a)   Providing or maintaining or assisting in the provision and maintenance or support of kennels, rescue homes or other facilities for the reception and care of such animals;

(b)   Providing treatment for such animals which are sick, injured, neglected or ill-treated;

(c)    Finding alternative caring homes for such animals.

To relieve and assist elderly persons and anyone suffering from a serious or terminal illness by providing or assisting in the provision of care for their pets and to find caring homes for such pets.